To Everyone Who Has Ever Said “Don’t Worry, You’ll Meet Someone Someday”

Exactly how I feel… 😦

Thought Catalog

I appreciate your interest, your concern, and your take — I really do.

I have been told this with sincerity by people who love me, who genuinely want what’s best for me. I’m not angry with them, because they mean well.

I’m an almost-typical member of the demographic that gets written about most often — late 20-something, solitary urban-dwelling, single female with a job that keeps me happy but not totally fulfilled and 20-something, urban-dwelling happy hour companions whom I love a lot. Almost-typical — I’m single now, and I have always been. I’m not sure I’ve been within reaching distance of coupled. I’m generally [always] the woman who experiences the “slow fade” — guy expresses interest, we go out a couple of times, we engage in the battle of “he who cares less wins,” I usually lose, and I spend the next year or two getting text messages every four months. I’ve taken…

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