17 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Daddy’s Girl

I am a papa’s girl 🙂

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Ah, daddy’s girls. Often characterized as bratty. But chalk that one up to stereotypes. Dad’s are cool, and daddy’s girls are not too shabby either.

Father of the BrideFather of the Bride

1. First things first, the only way she’s ever going to introduce you to her father is if she thinks the relationship is going somewhere. Don’t expect her to rush it. It’s a really big deal and it’ll probably take longer than what you’re used to.

2. Yes, her dad does treat her like a princess but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t her taught her to be a responsible adult who can take care of herself. Never assume otherwise.

3. She’ll talk about her dad a lot. To the point where it might annoy you. Be patient with her in this way, she just thinks her dad is one of the coolest people alive.

4. Her dad is always going…

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To Everyone Who Has Ever Said “Don’t Worry, You’ll Meet Someone Someday”

Exactly how I feel… 😦

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I appreciate your interest, your concern, and your take — I really do.

I have been told this with sincerity by people who love me, who genuinely want what’s best for me. I’m not angry with them, because they mean well.

I’m an almost-typical member of the demographic that gets written about most often — late 20-something, solitary urban-dwelling, single female with a job that keeps me happy but not totally fulfilled and 20-something, urban-dwelling happy hour companions whom I love a lot. Almost-typical — I’m single now, and I have always been. I’m not sure I’ve been within reaching distance of coupled. I’m generally [always] the woman who experiences the “slow fade” — guy expresses interest, we go out a couple of times, we engage in the battle of “he who cares less wins,” I usually lose, and I spend the next year or two getting text messages every four months. I’ve taken…

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16 Unconventional Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

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Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 5.29.49 PMLulu Lovering

1. You’ve split up — often unpredictably and unexpectedly. Soul mates rarely experience “happily ever after” right away, despite what media and culture tells us. Often the meeting is too intense to absorb immediately, and you have to separate for a while. You find your way back though.

2. They’ve changed you for the better. The people who we are affected by the most are the ones who have changed us just by their presence in our lives overhauling everything we thought we knew and wanted. It’s not a bad thing, this is supposed to happen, usually.

3. You recognize a family member in them. This sounds strange, but in my best friends and romantic partners, I can always tell they’re going to be someone to me upon first meeting because they instantly remind me of my mom or dad or sibling — not in a creepy way, in a…

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14 Terrifying Pictures That Will Keep You Awake Tonight


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